Kannel Installation on Ubuntu


  • You need Internet access
  • You need to have sudo access
  • Your Ubuntu or Debian must be configured correctly so that the apt will not fail

Below are steps required to install Kannel in Ubuntu or Debian:

  1. Install Kannel

    sudo apt install kannel
    sudo mkdir -p /var/log/kannel /var/run/kannel /var/spool/kannel/store
    sudo chown -R kannel /var/log/kannel /var/run/kannel /var/spool/kannel/store
    sudo usermod -a -G dialout kannel
  2. Edit /etc/default/kannel to activate smsbox

    sudo sed -i 's/#START_SMSBOX/START_SMSBOX/' /etc/default/kannel
  3. Backup original kannel.conf

    sudo cp /etc/kannel/kannel.conf /etc/kannel/kannel.conf.dist
  4. Download example kannel.conf and replace existing /etc/kannel/kannel.conf

    wget -c https://raw.githubusercontent.com/antonraharja/playSMS/master/contrib/kannel/kannel.conf
    sudo cp kannel.conf /etc/kannel/
    ls -l /etc/kannel/
  5. Edit /etc/kannel/kannel.conf. Replace http://CHANGE_THIS_TO_YOUR_PLAYSMS_URL with your playSMS URL, for example with http://localhost/playsms

  6. Read the rest of kannel.conf and setup your Kannel.

    In the example kannel.conf you will see several option values with all uppercase, such as KANNELADMIN_CHANGE_THIS, you have to change them. Of course you need to understand how to configure kannel.conf properly, how to add modems and SMSCs when needed.

    Below URL is the user guide for understanding kannel.conf: http://www.kannel.org/download/1.4.4/userguide-1.4.4/userguide.html

  7. Only after you have configured kannel.conf to suit your needs and your setups then you may restart Kannel

    sudo /etc/init.d/kannel restart
  8. Verify Kannel installation

    ps ax | grep box
    netstat -lnpt
    tail -f /var/log/kannel/kannel.log

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